Rose Quartz: Meanings and Proprieties

Rose Quartz: The Stone of Universal Love

If you’re in need of a little more love in your life, rose quartz is here to give it to you. This stone encompasses divine feminine energy and universal love, so it will help you with your self-love, partnerships, friendships, and any areas of your life that need some extra TLC. The world revolves around love— the love we give and the love we receive— and this beautiful, soft pink stone is a powerful tool to use for enhancing that love, making the world a much better place.



Rose quartz is a variety of quartz crystal found mainly in Brazil. Legend has it, Cupid and Eros brought the dreamy rose quartz stone to Earth in hopes that it would awaken love and desire. It is believed that the Ancient Romans and Assyrians were the first to harvest and use rose quartz. In many cultures, it was used primarily for jewelry making due to it’s beautiful soft pink hue. The Greeks used rose quartz to signify an agreement had been reached amicably, bringing peace to a partnership, while the Romans used this precious stone to show proper ownership. The Egyptians believed this stone could prevent aging, keeping you looking young, healthy and beautiful. Let’s take a look into the ways rose quartz is used today and how it can gently fill your life with true love.


Properties & Meaning of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the heart of the crystal world. It deals with all matters of love, peace, and beauty. With its soft feminine energy, it works gently to assist you on your journey— there is no fast track with this stone, it promotes slow and tender healing. It is directly connected to your heart chakra and holds the power to help you heal deep inner wounds, opening you up to universal love.


This stone enhances the beauty in everything around us. It will break down any barriers within oneself, giving you the confidence to find your own beauty. It can also open your eyes to the wonders of the world, showing you the beauty within nature, art, music, and writing.


Rose quartz is an important stone to have nearby when you’re embarking on your shadow work journey. When we are exploring our darker traits we tend to be harsh on ourselves and sometimes unforgiving. This stone will stand by you as you explore and heal, while gently allowing self-love to shine through... like the first rays of sun after a rainy day.


When our hearts are clear and open, the universe recognizes that as a readiness to receive. So, when you’re looking to attract a romantic love into your life, rose quartz can be just what you need to open you up and bring that special person to you. This crystal makes us more aware of our worth and the love we have within so that we do not settle for anything less than what we deserve and desire.


Rose quartz clears your emotional wounds, fears, and resentments towards others, making it an amazing stone to mend relationships and deepen connections. This will help your relationships flow harmoniously and with ease, whether it be a partnership in business, a friendship, or the relationship you have with family.


How To Use Rose Quartz

With all the love this stone has to offer, there’s no wonder it has so many uses. Let’s take a look into some of the best ways we can incorporate rose quartz into our life.


  • Dropping a piece or two of rose quartz into your bath can work wonders for increasing your self-love and confidence. Adding rose petals and rose oil can help balance your heart chakra and open you up to universal love.
  • Wear rose quartz when you’re trying to attract love into your life. This stone makes beautiful jewelry, and the opaque pink color goes with any outfit.
  • Meditate with rose quartz when you’re looking to open up your heart chakra. There are so many reasons that could cause our heart centers to become blocked and working with this stone can help us acknowledge and clear those blocks.
  • If you’re looking to come to some sort of an agreement with another person, carry a piece of rose quartz with you. This stone will help promote a sense of calm and peace during your interactions.
  • Using a rose quartz facial roller will benefit your skin care routine by improving blood circulation, skin elasticity, and lymphatic drainage, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.
  • Add a large piece of rose quartz to your home, it’ll keep your house high vibe and full of loving energy.


Love really does lift us up where we belong, and rose quartz is just the stone we need to open our hearts and let all the love flow through.


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