ONE Cherry Blossom Flower Agate Tumbled


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Stone of Power


There is a large variety of Agate and one for every chakra. They all can be used to balance your life and keep you grounded. It helps healing emotional traumas and gives the courage to start again.

As a stone of power, it was used in ancient civilizations to bring warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Agate also provided spiritual protection and helped them ward off evil eye.

Cherry Blossom Flower Agate: Let the feminine energy of Flower Agate flow through you, erasing self-doubt, so that you can emerge into your fullest potential. Gain positivity and happiness for every aspect of your life with this beautiful stone. 

Product Description

  • ONE Natural Cherry Blossom Flower Agate Tumbled
  • Choosen Intuitively for you.
  • Size: 30-40mm*25-30mm*10-20mm
  • Weight: 20-30g
  • Please note each crystals and stone is truly unique, thanks to the little ‘’imperfection’’ that occurs during the creation process.

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