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Druzy Amethyst Palmstone

Druzy Amethyst Palmstone

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100% Genuine Natural High Grade Purple Druzy Amethyst Geode from Uruguay

Stone of peace

Amethyst is well known for its calming influence for your mind, body and spirit. Perfect to hold while meditating or before bed for a better sleep. This essential stone for your crystal collection, also has strong healing and cleansing powers.

Amethyst protects your spirit, activates spiritual awareness and strengthen your intuition.

Druzy Amethyst Geode
Origin: Uruguay, Ethically Sourced
Weight: 101G
Size: 50*40*25mm
Origin: Uruguay, Ethically Sourced

Please note each crystals and stone is truly unique, thanks to the little ‘’imperfection’’ that occurs during the creation process.
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