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Large Green Emerald in Matrix from Brazil

Large Green Emerald in Matrix from Brazil

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100% Real Natural Large Emerald in Matrix from Brazil

Experience the natural allure of Brazilian emerald on matrix with this exquisite specimen from Minas Gerais. This raw stone showcases vibrant emerald crystals nestled within their rocky matrix, highlighting the geological formation process.

Emerald is a captivating gemstone known for its rich green color, which comes from trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium within its crystal structure. It belongs to the beryl mineral family.

Emeralds have been prized for millennia and have a rich history in various cultures, including ancient Egypt, where they were associated with fertility and rebirth. Today, they remain highly valued for their beauty and rarity.

Emeralds are associated with the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and compassion. Spiritually, they enhance intuition, protect against negativity, and support spiritual growth and harmony. Emeralds are also seen as symbols of prosperity and creativity, attracting wealth and success.

100% Genuine Green Emerald on Matrix
Origin: Brazil, Minas Gerais
SIZE: 140*85*80mm

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