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Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Stone of Energy


Clear quartz is the master healer. It stimulates the immune system and bring balance to the body. It also acts as a deep soul cleanser and draws off negative energy. By clearing your mind, Crystal Quartz helps concentration and unlocks memory.

Once your mind, body and spirit well align with your highest self, you will be able to live at your highest potential.

Essential in all crystals collection, Clear Quartz combine with other crystals amplify their powers, purify, and cleanse them.

Product Description

  • 100% Natural Genuine Brazilian Quartz Cluster 
  • Size: 90*70*60mm
  • Weight: 192G
  • Please note each crystals and stone is truly unique, thanks to the little ‘’imperfection’’ that occurs during the creation process.
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