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Natural Pyrite Cube on Matrix

Natural Pyrite Cube on Matrix

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BESTSELLER! 100% Natural High Grade Unpolished Pyrite Cube on Matrix from Spain

Exceptional Almost Perfect cube of natural pyrite on Matrix

Stunning natural unpolished spanish pyrite cube. Hard to take good picture of because of how reflective are each side. Almost look like gold mirror. These cube of pyrite are always one of the most interesting of the shop. They are heavy and really shiny which intrigued everyone. Absolutely, gorgeous piece of pyrite Crystal you won’t regret buying.

Stone of Hidden Fire

Pyrite will encourage you to follow your dreams. It inspires confidence, persistence and leadership. Enhances manifestation and luck.

Natural Unpolished Pyrite Cube on Matrix
Weight: 163G
Size: 70*60*40mm
Origin: Spain, Ethically Sourced

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